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The I/O connection system has been invaluable to electronic applications for many years.
These products are used in nearly all application markets, from control and measuring to telecommunications and computer applications. Owing to the combination of various contact types there are numerous possibilities of saving installation space and costs in the interface area. CONEC D-SUB connectors are available in five standard housing sizes in the variants Standard, High Density and Combination with or without filters. >>> to the product area
IP67 D-SUB_blau_GBSpecial applications have special requirements for connectors.
For this field of application, CONEC developed water-tight D-SUB connectors with rating IP67. Owing to special sealing measures at the connector and the sealing frame, the high requirements are met. These connectors are used where dust and spray water occur and functioning of usual connectors would be negatively affected. These connectors are available as standard or high density in the usual pole number. D-SUB Combination and D-SUB filter connectors are also available in protection class IP67. >>> to the product area
IP67 RJ45 USB Fiber_blau_GBData communication is also required in outdoor applications. Whether in traffic engineering, in maritime environments or mobile phone applications, long transmission distances and impacts such as heat, rain, snow, salty mist and dust place high demands on all connectors. The IP67 connectors developed by CONEC provide reliable protection against environmental influences and mechanical stress. The broad portfolio includes RJ45, USB/Mini USB and Fibre Optic LC Duplex connectors in plastic, metalized plastic or full metal. >>> to the product area
SAL_blau_GBHigh-performance connector technology is the basis for industrial networking of devices, machinery and manufacturing plants. Circular connectors are used in many applications in automation engineering. In addition to the transmission of analogous and digital signals and data transmission with high bandwidth, the application as supply connector also counts amongst their fields of application. CONEC offers circular connectors in the in the sizes M8, M12, 7/8“, M23 and Round24. Available are connectors with mould-on cable or tailored for special applications (HT, Food & Beverage) as well as BUS systems and mounting flanges. >>> to the product area
PCB_blau_GBCONEC offers a broad portfolio of connector solutions for the board level.
Part of this range are Compact PCi, AdvancedTCA, MicroTCA, PC104/PC104Plus, DIN EN 60603-2, DIN 41617TE as well as Din 41651 flat cable connectors. Optionally and depending on the connector type, models with turned or stamped contacts in soldering, press-in or crimp technology are available. >>> to the product area